Erika was born in Heredia on October 8, 1973. She is the youngest of three siblings, two brothers and a sister. Since she was a child she liked sports, she competed almost always with her cousins (boys) and when she won they changed the rules of the competitions. Then she joined more organized groups in which she was able to represent her province in the National Sports Games.

She started studying Translation at Universidad Nacional, thus she also represented her alma mater in race walking in the University Games. She was also part of the National Team in Central American Games. This racewalker established several national records, her best mark in the ten thousand meters was 59’58 “.

This athlete comes from a family of educators so, one of her greatest passions are her students at Colegio Monterrey; there she is an English teacher. She believes that through education it is possible to help people through stimulation to develop their cognitive and physical abilities, providing human talent for a better society.

Throughout her life this athlete has always had the unconditional support of her family; her beginning in the master athletics has not been the exception. Her parents always accompanied her to each of her competitions, and now another mega fan joined the club, her husband. Her coach, who has become a friend over the time, has helped her achieve each of the goals. As a master athlete Erika participates in the three thousand, five thousand and ten thousand meters race walking. Last August she obtained the first place in five thousand meters in the NCCWMA Championship in the W44 category, establishing a new national record in her category.

The sport has demanded Erika to be very disciplined and organized with her time, which has allowed her to obtain prizes and it has given her motivation to always continue forward both, in the sport and in her professional life. Athletics never took away the time or will for her studies that has been successfully crowned, for this reason she believes that the regular practice of sports in any specialty strengthens the will.

One of Erika’s biggest dreams is to see more young people practice race walking in her country and see the athletes of her region outstand.

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